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  Shenzhen Bopel technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Bopel communication) was established in August 2011, is directly under the international subsidiaries, Bopel as international 3 c industry, one of the Bopel communication based on the mobile communication terminal products, such as research and development, production and sales in various fields, to provide customers with high-quality mobile terminal products and services.The product line covers GSM, WCDMA and other intelligent terminal.Since 2011, the Bopel communications is committed to overseas marketing, by 2016, through five years of marketing and precipitation, grasp the confidence, founded the Bopel communication.Now the Bopel communications, products covered by the touch screen mobile phones and smart phones, all over the world have set up their own brands VINKO, KIMLFY, INVENS, products have been sold to Dubai, Africa, India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Burma, Egypt, Brazil and so on all over the world.Bopel communication has more than 500 production workers, and professional technical development team, software and hardware development, structure, process, ID, test, etc.At this point, the Bopel communication has complete control of the mobile terminal design, appearance design, structure design, accumulated a large number of mobile communication terminal products design, development and production experience, first-class development strength.Bopel communications is committed to the design of the product line and accessories packaging, the existing series of more than 70, every month have new products, product line complete, the customer more choice, and constantly.In 2011, launched the first touchscreen phone Bopel, through four years of efforts, at the end of 2014, VINKO touch screen mobile phone have accounted for the Chinese market export sales in the first place, Dubai, Africa.KIMFLY brand established in 2009, the market sold to South America market, by 2012, KIMFLY brand in India is one of the most popular brand of China's mobile phone sales only a line with the global brand NOKIA, SUNSUNG and local brands.Established in June 2014, INVENS brands, to promote intelligent terminal, to establish a low price and high quality of 3 g, 4 g smartphones.The Bopel communications, has a vibrant, passionate, brave fight, positive team, follow the enterprise for many years, customer supreme service idea, sensitive market sense, this is communication Bopel sales remained in the cause of the industry forefront.

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